The neighbourhood - Les Deux Magots


To imbibe the atmosphere of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, you may marvel at the bustling square and its noble church – the oldest in Paris – that celebrated its thousandth anniversary in 2014, at least as regards the nave and its bell tower, as the foundations date back to the year 543. The church regularly hosts classical music and jazz concerts, in the very heart of Paris – old historic Paris that was in the past encircled by ramparts. You might embark on a search for them and discover some of their vestiges in the courtyards of elegant buildings erected at the time of city-planner Baron Haussmann in the nineteenth century.


You may also enjoy the Luxembourg gardens a few city blocks south of the Café, or if you head north towards the banks of the river Seine you shall arrive at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.


Saint-Germain’s narrow streets might lead you to Place de Furstenberg, one of Paris’ most charming squares, planted with paulownias. This is the very soul of the neighbourhood. The Eugène Delacroix National Museum is a little jewel installed on the square since 1857. From here, you may meander to the Seine while enjoying the many art galleries in the adjacent streets.


Continue to Quai de Conti to admire the classical architecture of the Institut de France, the official “Protector of Arts, Letters and Sciences”, hosting five prestigious academies, the best known of which is the French Academy (l’Académie Française).


You may also visit small cinemas and theatres, such as the Théâtre du Vieux Colombier or the Beau Regard and Arlequin cinema houses.

The neighbourhood - Les Deux Magots
The neighbourhood - Les Deux Magots


If you wish to spend a few days in Paris and discover all of Saint Germain’s secrets, the best clue might be to stay at a neighbourhood hotel, with rooms overlooking the rooftops of Paris.


Hotel “Le Régent”, owned by the Deux Magots Group, is an ideal place to stay and from which to set out on a walk in the narrow streets of the 6tharrondissement near rue Dauphine.


Don’t hesitate to call on our concierges, who will be delighted to help you discover the mysteries of this very historic part of old Paris.

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