Here and elsewhere - Les Deux Magots


Between tradition et modernity


In September 1989, a Deux Magots café-restaurant opened in Tokyo, in the Shibuya district. Designed by famous French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, this trendy destination, featuring the genuine spirit and visual and graphic design of the Paris literary café, artistically blends with the modern ambience of the Bunkamura cultural centre. A terrace opens onto a light-filled atrium at the heart of this elegant two-floor structure, enabling Japanese customers and tourists to enjoy the true Parisian spirit in the land of the Rising Sun.

Destination Tokyo


A gust of freedom


From September 2023, freedom’s breeze wafts through São Paulo, the Brazilian megalopolis. In the posh Les Jardins district, a new exclusive Les Deux Magots meeting place was opened for our Latin American friends and for visitors to South America.


In a décor with open and shaded terraces, the House fully blends into Brazil’s festive and effervescent culture. With an outdoor bar and a truly French snacking and restaurant menu, this charming place vibrates with an outpouring of musicians’ rhythms and melodies.

Here and elsewhere - Les Deux Magots
Here and elsewhere - Les Deux Magots


Chic and cosy ambience


The Deux Magots Middle Eastern Pearl is located in the magnificent Via Riyadh complex in the Saudi capital city.


In a chic and cosy atmosphere, where elegant service enhances clients’ enjoyment in savouring a small taste of Paris and in discovering French culture, in front of a large fountain, this House with wide bay windows just opened in Spring 2023 to welcome visitors from around the world.


The Middle East is undergoing far-reaching changes and is welcoming Westerners by seeking to become one of the centres of world tourism in just a few years.


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Here and elsewhere - Les Deux Magots

« Why move mountains
when it is so easy
to climb over them? »
Boris Vian