The Pelléas Prize - Radio Classique 2023

The Prix Pelléas – Radio Classique 2023 is awarded to Federico Maria Sardelli for his book “L’affaire Vivaldi”, published by Van Dieren Editeur.

This prize distinguishes “the work on music with the most beautiful literary qualities”.

It has been awarded to Les Deux Magots since its creation in 1997.

The Pelléas Prize - Radio Classique 2023

“Antonio Vivaldi’s manuscripts” are listed first in the “list of principal characters” established by the author at the beginning of his book. They are indeed the “character” that we are looking for throughout this investigation that takes us back and forth geographically and temporally, from 1740 to 1938. The flutist, musicologist and conductor Federico Maria Sardelli has chosen a form closer to a detective story than to a musicological essay in order to recount, with a great deal of historical concern, the incredible “adventures” of these manuscripts.

The author: Federico Maria Sardelli (Livorno, 1963) is a member of the scientific committee of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi Institute and responsible for the Vivaldian Catalogue. Conductor and flutist, he is a protagonist of the revival of the musical theater of the Red Priest. He has recorded and performed the world premieres of many works, including several rediscovered or newly attributed scores by Vivaldi. He wrote La Musica per flauto di Antonio Vivaldi (2001) and directs the musicological collection “Vivaldiana”.
Author of comic strips and satirical writer, he collaborates to the satirical newspaper Il Vernacoliere from Livorno since the age of twelve.

A beautiful winner, for another beautiful literary evening at Les Deux Magots.

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