Prix Apollinaire 2023

The Prix Apollinaire and Prix Apollinaire Découverte awards ceremony took place at Les Deux Magots on Monday November 13.

The Prix Apollinaire, founded in 1941, is France’s most prestigious poetry prize, and the Prix Apollinaire Découverte has rewarded a young author since its creation in 2017.

Patrick Laupin, Winner of the Apollinaire Prize 2023 for his collection La Mort Provisoire (La rumeur libre éditions)

Patrick Laupin was born in Carcassonne in 1950. He has published some thirty books of poetry, prose, stories and philosophy. In France Culture programs hosted by Colette Fellous, Francesca Piolot, Alain Veinstein and Mathieu Bénézet, listeners have repeatedly praised the gentleness of a passion attentive to an expatriate truth and the marvelous presence of language in everyone. The Société des Gens de Lettres awarded him the Grand prix SGDL de poésie for his body of work in 2013. He won the 2016 Kowalski Prize for his book Le Dernier Avenir (La rumeur libre). In spring 2018, he was awarded the Robert Ganzo prize for his body of work.

Prix Apollinaire 2023

La Mort Provisoire (La rumeur libre éditions)

At any moment, a book, even one written with the most scrupulous honesty, can now be dismissed as hot air, null and void, because reading and writing have become small change. This great swing of regular verse, from Racine to Baudelaire, which haunts me to the very breath of the letter, could only be of interest today, at best, to the obscure and unranked.

Suddenly, this haughty, racy, supple, airy, windy, elegant style disappears behind the confining wall of indifference. It’s the eternal child lost in the fog. Yet everyone is given a fair share of poetry from birth. Those who ignore it deny it. Who exceeds her blasphemes her. What happens to word consciousness? A strange, terrifying feeling that it’s all worthless. That none of this matters anymore.

Victor Malzac, winner of the Prix Apollinaire Découverte 2023 for his collection Vacance (Cheyne éditeur)

Born in 1997 in the Languedoc region of France, Victor Malzac speaks in a deep voice, reads standing up, bites his nails and walks fast. His first collection, Breathewas published in 2020 by Éditions de la Crypte. He then published the poetry collections Dans l’herbe (Prix de la Vocation, 2021) and Vacancy (2022) from Cheyne éditeur. His next text, Créatine, will be published by Gallimard-Scribes in January 2024. He has also co-edited several creative poetry magazines (Point de chute, L’écharde). Victor Malzac lives between Montpellier and Paris.

Vacance (Cheyne éditeur)

In gyms, in public gardens, in the garage or in my bedroom, pull-ups, machines, dumbbells, cast-iron, I build muscle, I grow, I remake my shoulders, my back just for you, my arms, my buttocks, my abs for you, for your craving, your hunger for sand and fat, to bathe without problem, without fear and without sorrow, my very proud chest, my speed, my cavalry, the veins in my arms, my thighs, my triceps, my front, my back, one, two, three, four, my sinew, I sing, I win, I’m confident, I can see my arms going up and down, my face tense, fierce, hormones, hope, the chance of a lifetime.

Thibault de Montalembert, patron of the Prix Apollinaire 2023

The Prix Apollinaire 2023 was honored by the presence of actor Thibault de Montalembert as patron, a literature enthusiast who enriched the event by reading poems by the prizewinners..

The Apollinaire Prize

The Apollinaire Prize, founded in 1941, crowns each year “without any dogmatism of school or technique a collection characterized by its originality and its modernity”. It is considered a Goncourt of poetry – partly because some members of the jury were or are Goncourt jurors, such as Hervé Bazin, Robert Sabatier or Tahar Ben Jelloun.

Chaired by Jean-Pierre Siméon, the jury is made up of leading figures from the world of poetry: Marc Alyn, Adeline Baldacchino, Linda Maria Baros (general secretary), Tahar Ben Jelloun, Zéno Bianu, Patricia Castex Menier, Philippe Delaveau, Anne Dujin, Guy Goffette, Jean Portante and Jean Rouaud. Since 2016, the Apollinaire Prize has been awarded to Les Deux Magots.

The Apollinaire Prize is endowed thanks to the generosity of Catherine Mathivat, president of Les Deux Magots. With the active complicity of the Printemps des Poètes.

Photo: Victor Malzac, winner of the Prix Apollinaire Découverte 2023 © Les Deux Magots