The tray of pastries

One special feature makes Les Deux Magots a sweet tooth’s paradise: its famous tray of pastries, a pillar of French service.

“My pleasure is to offer a wide variety of sweets, with a tray that regularly welcomes new creations based on seasonal produce. It’s very rare to find such a choice anywhere else, and the beauty of the tray with all its flavors and colors brings visual indulgence and a touch of showmanship that pleases many.” explains Sylvaine, pastry waitress at Les Deux Magots.

Crisp millefeuilles, melt-in-the-mouth éclairs and other fruity tarts blend tastes and textures, sometimes revisiting the great classics, like cheesecake with a citrus twist, or Mont-Blanc, which combines chestnut cream with a blackcurrant-blueberry confit.

The tray of pastries

“Tray service creates a relationship with customers that I’m very attached to. We present the cakes directly to them at the table, answer their questions, and advise them in their choice when everything appeals to them, which often happens!” notes Julie, a pastry waitress, with a smile.

The gourmet experience doesn’t stop there, as Les Deux Magots also offers caramelized tartes Tatin and chocolate mousses all year round. throughout the year.