The St-Germain Spritz

This emblematic cocktail of the village is to be savored at Les Deux Magots.

Saint-Germain-des-Prés was missing a signature cocktail, which sums up the German-Pratin art of living with a glass on the terrace. An oversight repaired with the arrival of the St-Germain Spritz at the most emblematic café in the neighborhood, Les Deux Magots, of course.

From its creation, the St-Germain liqueur, imagined in 2007 by the American distiller Rob Cooper and owned by Bacardi, is a tribute to Paris and to a neighborhood steeped in history, a land of choice for intellectuals and artists from around the world.

Concentrated elderberry hand-picked in spring (1000 flowers are needed to obtain a 70 cl bottle), the St-Germain liqueur is floral and fruity, with notes of grapefruit, pear and citrus.

Its bottle, of remarkable vintage elegance, is a nod to 1920s France and the art deco style. Also, it quickly became the favorite liquor of bartenders.

The St-Germain Spritz

In fact, by adding prosecco and sparkling water to the liqueur, Les Deux Magots offers the St-Germain Spritz, a must for terraces and aperitifs until sunset. Gone is the bitterness of the old Spritz, the Deux Magots cocktail is sweet, delicate and pure. A French delight for the most Parisian of cafés!

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To be consumed in moderation.

Photo: © Bacardí-Martini