The old-fashioned hot chocolate of Les Deux Magots

Smooth and tasty, old-fashioned chocolate is one of the stars of Les Deux Magots. A sign that does not deceive: who did not scrape the small pot of chocolate not to lose a drop? A gourmet drink whose secrets are revealed by Les Deux Magots!

“Either we see the chocolate cup as an “accessory” of the card and then we simply prepare it with cocoa powder and milk to which we add water… Either we look at chocolate as a food in its own right that needs to be worked on and cooked like a dish in its own right.” explains Frédéric Tabey, Director of Operations at Les Deux Magots.

The old-fashioned hot chocolate of Les Deux Magots

« IT is the choice that the House had taken a long time ago and which explains that our old-fashioned hot chocolate is a classic, always approved by our consumers. »

It all starts with an excellent chocolate from Valrhona, Equatorial 55%, not too bitter, quite sweet. The pieces are then immersed in a liquid mixture heated to the right temperature with milk to obtain the best smoothness and fluidity.

“The mistake is to heat the chocolate first. The water it contains evaporates and the chocolate becomes dry,” says Frédéric Tabey. In the office, the coffee maker must then maintain this living mixture at the right temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, while mixing it regularly so that the chocolate does not coat the bottom of the pan and burn. A delicate operation, but on which the success of this delicious drink depends.

Our old-fashioned chocolate is presented in its own little pot, with its own cup, on a silver tray so that you can enjoy more than two cups per person if you feel like it” concludes Frédéric Tabey. “The magic of the service, the ceremonial pouring of the chocolate and its excellence all work together to make this a true dessert!”

A “dessert” by its spirit of greed, and not of course because it would be only devolved to the end of a meal! Indeed, this delight can be ordered at breakfast with the toast and croissants, as a sweet opening to the weekend brunch, or at any time of the day that will awaken in you the desire for a gourmet break … alone or with a pastry.