The future summer card

We will have the great pleasure to propose you our new summer menu in June. From the blue sky to the plate, there is only one step!

This menu will of course give pride of place to seasonal products, presented in fresh and sunny dishes. Here are a few examples among others.

For starters, green asparagus will replace the white asparagus on the spring menu, and will be served mimosa style, with the pep of a lemon sauce. The South of Europe will also be present, with the Tomato Gaspacho served with a nice basil sorbet and garlic croutons, or the Beef Heart Tomato and its creamy burrata with pistou.

Meat lovers will be delighted to try our Veal Chop, which we cook at low temperature to give it all the tenderness and taste it deserves. It will be accompanied by a fine ratatouille and a rosemary juice to give it the irresistible flavors of Provence. Another option: the supreme of farm poultry with the fresh taste of lemongrass and its rice pilaf.

The future summer card

Mediterranean still but this time on the sea side, our Cod will be cooked in aïoli, with its crunchy vegetables to respect the traditional recipe. Another fish as fine as tasty to be found in this menu, the Filet de Saint-Pierre. To give it a nice fresh touch, we serve it with a salad of zucchini cut into thin strips and served cold, and a basil mayonnaise.

Summer calls for the pleasure of fresh desserts, and we are preparing gourmet novelties for you in this area too! Let’s mention the Fontainebleau, a little-known creation that deserves your attention with its creamy mixture of fromage blanc and whipped cream, enhanced with blueberries and a red fruit coulis. Those who want to end their meal with a burst of freshness will not miss the Coupe St-Germain, which combines elderberry sorbet, fruit salad, whipped cream and St-Germain liqueur.

We also had fun revisiting our snacking. In June, you will discover our new croque-monsieur and croque-madame sandwiches, melting with generosity, club sandwiches with new fillings (chicken-pastrami for one; salmon, avocado and mango for the other) and a royal sandwich that will honor lobster. We will tell you more soon.

All this to be enjoyed on our terrace, in the enchanting setting of the Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés!