Les Deux Magots in São Paulo

On October 18, 2023, Les Deux Magots opened its Brazilian address in São Paulo, nestled in the heart of the popular Jardim América district.

An exceptional new venue, with covered and shaded terraces. With this setting, our Maison is fully integrated into Brazil’s lively, festive culture.

With its open kitchen and French menu combining snacking and dining, this charming place designed by interior architect Chinho de Luca is welcoming its first regulars.

L’Art de Vivre Paris flies to São Paulo

This first address in South America is also our fourth worldwide. It covers 500 square meters, welcoming between 700 and 800 guests every day for a gourmet Parisian experience.

Les Deux Magots in São Paulo

Under the leadership of French chef Pascal Valero, who has worked at Le Taillevent and the restaurant at the Hotel Bristol in Paris, the São Paulo address offers a bistronomic menu from morning to night, from the legendary croque-monsieur to beef tenderloin tartar, including the famous filet au poivre. Delicate pastries presented on a platter, as well as the brand’s iconic hot chocolate, are also on the menu, to complete the culinary experience.

As in Tokyo or Riyadh, where the house has already opened its doors, the restaurant is identifiable thanks to familiar elements such as the colors, the Chinese statues, the terrace, the boys’ outfits and the cultural events. And so Les Deux Magots continues to live on around the world, sharing Parisian charm with the rest of the world. Each establishment becomes a cultural embassy, bringing a touch of France wherever it goes..

Les Deux Magots and São Paulo: a long-standing relationship

For over a century and through four successive generations, a single family has owned Les Deux Magots, committed to perpetuating the French art of living.

Our relations with Brazil go back several decades. My father, Jacques Mathivat, had a deep bond with this country, which he visited regularly. Alongside his role as owner of Les Deux Magots in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Jacques Mathivat was a renowned civil engineer, and a frequent expert in São Paulo. His professional and personal commitment further strengthens the ties that bind the Mathivat family to this magnificent South American nation.” says Catherine Mathivat, President of Les Deux Magots.

The brand was launched in São Paulo by Frenchman Frédéric Renaut, who invited his trusted partners Alexandro Marino, Antonio Assumpção, Andre Luís, and Andre Serrano to the project. Together, they are passionately committed to an adventure that promotes French culture in Brazil.

Brazil, steeped in French culture, has a deep affection for Paris, the City of Light. After 19 years in Brazil, I’m proud to launch a brand as emblematic as Les Deux Magots here, helping French culture to shine in the heart of my adopted country!“says Frédéric Renaut, Associate Director of Les Deux Magots São Paulo.

Les Deux Magots’ ambition is to evolve from a recognized Saint-Germain-des-Prés landmark to a brand embodying the Parisian art of living, with an international outlook. The company now dedicates a team to the development and management of the brand.