Le swing de Vian cocktail

Spring is here, temperatures are rising gently, and the pleasure of enjoying the sunny days on the terrace will soon be extended with the arrival of summer. So now’s the perfect time to try our brand-new cocktail!

In honor of the 140th anniversary of Les Deux Magots, which we’re celebrating this year, we’re offering an anniversary cocktail that echoes our history and the festive spirit that drives us.

Introducing our new creation “Le swing de Vian”, named in honor of one of our neighborhood’s absolute icons, singer, writer, poet and musician Boris Vian. As anyone who has read his novel L’Écume des Jours will know, new ideas and inventions – including cocktails – were constantly springing from his fermenting mind! Le swing de Vian is directly inspired by an original recipe composed by him, slightly revisited by adapting it to today’s tastes.

And what about the ingredients?

Le swing de Vian subtly blends St-Germain elderberry liqueur, cherry brandy and grapefruit tonic.

Le swing de Vian cocktail

Elderberry liqueur adds a fresh, original floral note, sweeter than most liqueurs; cherry eau de vie adds its gourmet roundness; and grapefruit tonic adds the finishing touch with the fresh, delicately tart aroma of citrus.

A sparkling, deliciously refreshing birthday cocktail that’ll get your taste buds swinging and distill the taste for conviviality that’s so dear to us!

If you don’t drink alcohol, you can of course enjoy other cocktails to your taste. Special mention goes to one of our signature recipes, Le Secret de Simone, which offers a lovely festival of flavors: the spicy sparkle of ginger beer, the sweetness of strawberry syrup, the pep of a hint of lime, and the gourmet touch of fresh raspberries to top it all off.

Drik responsibly.

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