Holiday season at Les Deux Magots

Celebrating the festive season at Les Deux Magots: a festive, gourmet menu!

With the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to find the perfect place to celebrate Christmas Eve and ring in the New Year.

The illuminations of Boulevard Saint-Germain, the charm of the square in front of the church – here’s the enchanting setting for celebrating these precious moments with your loved ones.

The dishes we’ve imagined for the occasion will give pride of place to noble products, for dinners placed under the sign of gourmandise and sharing.

Here are just a few of the dishes on offer on the evenings of December 24 and 31:

Holiday season at Les Deux Magots

Entrances between land and sea

For starters, the menu at Les Deux Magots offers demi-langouste à la Parisienne: a delicately prepared lobster, garnished with macedoine vegetables and served with a homemade mayonnaise. At the crossroads of tradition and modernity, the duck foie gras and gingerbread millefeuille, accompanied by cinnamon caramelized pear, represents a subtle alliance between tradition and audacity. The combination of textures and flavors creates a gourmet harmony that will delight lovers of fine, delicate dishes. Fans of iodized flavors will be delighted by our oyster and seafood platters, which combine Gillardeau and Marennes-Oléron oysters with whelks and Madagascan prawns.

Gourmet and refined dishes

For game lovers, roast hind filet mignon, sublimated by a pepper sauce, is accompanied by a celery purée and deliciously seasonal chestnut slivers. Roasted turbot breast, combined with forgotten vegetables, is magnified by a mandarin mousseline sauce, for a delicate and subtle marine experience. Bresse poultry supreme stuffed with mushrooms reinterprets a classic holiday dish, accompanied by a truffle-scented mashed potato that adds a special touch. Finally, pan-fried sc allops and Parmigiano Reggiano risotto with shellfish coulis offer a lovely combination of textures and flavors.

Between homemade desserts and a platter of pastries by Arnaud Larher and La Grande Épicerie de Paris

The sweet note of the Deux Magots festive dinner promises to be just as gourmet. The Elderflower-Vanilla Vacherin seduces with its lightness and freshness, offering a delicate combination of floral flavors and the creaminess of vanilla. For a gourmet experience, the pear and banana crumble, topped with caramelized walnuts and crowned with dark chocolate ice cream, is an explosion of textures and tastes. For even sweeter treats, a platter of Arnaud Larher and La Grande Épicerie de Paris pastries is presented directly to the table. From millefeuille to éclairs, Paris Brest to fruit tarts… the hardest part is choosing!