Discover this literary café in Paris, totally unique

Do you like letters, surrealists, places steeped in history, hot chocolate, tartar, historical Paris? You will love this Parisian literary café which has no equivalent in all of Paris.


Les Deux Magots is the literary café in Paris that cultured epicureans should know.

Discover this literary café in Paris, totally unique

This literary café is first and foremost a Parisian cultural mecca: Les Deux Magots has always been a haven for the renowned writers of its time, but it is literally married to belles lettres. It was the first literary café to create its own prize in 1933, the Prix des Deux Magots. Awarded every year since then, it has become a reference. It has inspired other literary cafés in the capital to create their own awards.

When you enter the famous art-deco hall, you can feel the cultural capital of the place which regularly hosts jazz concerts, literary meetings, literary prize-giving ceremonies or simple passionate discussions between personalities of the capital’s cultural world.

Our advice: write your own screenplay before heading to this iconic literary café in central Paris.

First of all, choose a good novel, why not among the 90 that have received the Prix des Deux Magots, the literary prize created in 1933. Next, decide when you will visit the facility.

A weekday afternoon to be quiet in a corner of the great hall, reading while enjoying the famous hot chocolate of Les Deux Magots, and imagining the exchanges of the great artists who frequented the place?

On a Sunday morning, enjoying a generous brunch on the landscaped terrace, absent-mindedly browsing through your book, while watching the 6th arrondissement slowly awaken?

A Thursday late afternoon just before the jazz concert that the café littéraire organizes every Thursday at 7:30 pm? Nice way to combine literary pleasure, musical pleasure and gustatory pleasure.

On a Friday evening after an intense week of work, for a romantic evening with your other half around a good dinner?

Singer during a Jazz evening at Les Deux Magots, every Thursday

Third step, consult the map on the website of the best literary café in Paris.

You may be looking for a literary café in Paris for its atmosphere and history, but we suggest you also look at the menu of Les Deux Magots.

In this café, you will be able to taste an absolutely delicious hot chocolate, the antithesis of the industrial powdered chocolates too often served in some Parisian bars. Les Deux Magots’ chocolate is prepared with art and love: “Either we see the chocolate cup as an accessory to the menu and then we simply prepare it with cocoa powder and milk to which we add water… Or we look at chocolate as a food in its own right that must be worked on and cooked as a dish in its own right,” explains Frédéric Tabey, Operations Manager of Les Deux Magots.

You can also be tempted by the famous beef tartar of Les Deux Magots. A tartar that Parisians and visitors from all over the world recommend to their friends. Made from an excellent Charolais beef and a unique recipe (fresh herb emulsion and dried tomatoes), the Deux Magots’ tartar will delight your taste buds. Of course, you will find other beautiful proposals in the menu of this café-restaurant, which is frequently renewed in order to use only seasonal products.

Fourth step, choose with whom you want to be accompanied.

Les Deux Magots is a place where publishers, journalists and writers come to meet, exchange business cards or participate in debates. By subscribing to the social networks of Les Deux Magots or by regularly consulting the website, you will be able to spot numerous cultural events organized by the establishment, during which you may meet personalities of the Parisian cultural microcosm.

Now you have all the keys to make your visit to this unique literary café an unforgettable experience.