Writers' Monday with Philippe Torreton

The great actor and writer Philippe Torreton will be the guest at our Lundi des Ecrivains literary meeting, on Monday April 22 at 6:30pm.

He will present his new novel “Un cœur outragé” (published by Calmann-Lévy), a tasty fable about the art of acting, fame and pride in the world of French cinema.

This event is free of charge, and only available by reservation at evenementiel@lesdeuxmagots.fr (places are limited).

It will be hosted by Baptiste Liger, Editorial Director of Lire Magazine Littéraire.

Writers' Monday with Philippe Torreton


“A stroke of genius, yes, genius, never seen before. I suddenly had enough to rise to the surface, to create a before and after, to be the one, the only, the one whose name will be eternally associated with this feat.”

After a promising start, actor Albert Stefan despairs of seeing film offers dwindle. His wife has left him for a wealthy producer; alone with his daughter, he spins in circles in this increasingly anonymous artist’s life.

Until the day he discovers Émile Ajar, the pseudonym under which Romain Gary won a second Prix Goncourt, a mystification unique in literary history. An idea comes to him: do as he does, create a new identity. With the help of two of his friends, a producer and a special effects make-up artist, he decides to put on a make-up to give himself another chance, and to make a fool of the big movie family that has put him on the back burner.


Between theater, cinema and the small screen, Philippe Torreton has played over a hundred roles. A former member of the Comédie-Française, he won a Molière for his interpretation of Cyrano and a César for Capitaine Conan, by Bertrand Tavernier. He is an Officer of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Philippe Torreton is also a writer. Among other works, he is the author of Petit lexique amoureux du théâtre (Stock, 2009), Mémé (L’Iconoclaste, 2014) and Une certaine raison de vivre (Robert Laffont, 2021). In 2022, he published an Anthology of French Poetry with Calmann-Lévy.

Discover the novel on the Calmann-Lévy website

Photo Credit: © Bruno Klein Divergence Images