Writer's Monday with Nathan Devers

Novelist and essayist Nathan Devers will be the guest at our Lundi des Ecrivains literary event, on Monday February 5 at 6.30pm.

He will present his new book “Penser contre soi-même” (published by Albin Michel), which invites readers to question their own values, beliefs and certainties, even if it means challenging them.

This event is free of charge, and only available by reservation at evenementiel@lesdeuxmagots.fr (places are limited).

It will be hosted by Baptiste Liger, Editorial Director of Lire Magazine Littéraire.

Writer's Monday with Nathan Devers


Why philosophy? What does it bring to life? What difference does it make to our lives?

Nathan Devers wanted to answer these questions in a personal way: why did he lose his faith, having chosen to become a rabbi after a very religious adolescence? How could he abandon a deep-rooted vocation in favor of a dogma-free universe?

Intense and powerful, with its poetry but also its violence, this story is a vibrant invitation to philosophize, i.e. to think against oneself. A universal yet difficult quest: the desire to escape one’s prejudices, to overturn one’s certainties, to go beyond the identity determined by one’s birth.

It’s the story of a breakup experienced as a dawn. Or how to give meaning to a world that lacks it.

“A book that is […] verbose, inventive and dazzling. A firework display of writing, it blends intelligence and humor, rigor and poetry. It’s brilliant […].” Roger Pol-Droit – Le Monde des livres

To find out more about the novel, visit the Albin Michel website.

Photo Credit: © Pascal Ito