Prix des Deux Magots 2022

The “Tout Paris” of the publishing world met on Tuesday, January 28, in our establishment, to attend the 87th edition of the Prix des Deux Magots, one of the oldest literary awards founded in 1933.

The four finalists were Michel Bernard with Hiver 2814 (Editions Perrin), Julia Deck with Propriété privée (Editions de Minuit), Jérôme Garcin with Le dernier hiver du Cid (Edtions Gallimard), and Cécile Villaumé with Des écrivains imaginés (Editions Le Dilettante).

After a final deliberation, Jérôme Garcin, for his book Le dernier hiver du Cid published by Gallimard, won the prize with 9 votes out of 13, 4 votes going to Michel Bernard’s book Hiver 1814 published by Perrin.

Prix des Deux Magots 2022

The jury was seduced ” by the theme of the book around Gérard Philipe, a figure inseparable from that of the Deux Magots and post-war Paris. The book also touched the members of the jury because it is the story of a man condemned to die and who is not told what awaits him “.

The lucky winner Jérôme Garcin left with a check of 7 700 euros given by Catherine Mathivat, the owner of the Café et Restaurant Les Deux Magots.

The jury of the Prix des Deux Magots, chaired by Étienne de Montety, includes personalities such as :

  • Sabine Audrerie, literary journalist for La Croix
  • Laurence Caracalla, journalist and writer
  • Jean Chalon, journalist and writer
  • Jean-Luc Coatalem, writer and journalist for Géo
  • Marie-Laure Delorme, journalist at the Journal du Dimanche
  • Eric Deschodt, journalist and writer
  • Louis Doucet, laureate of the Académie Française
  • Pauline Dreyfus, writer
  • Pierre Kyria, literary critic
  • Gilles Lapouge, writer
  • Marianne Payot, journalist at L’Express
  • Anne Pons, writer

Jérôme Garcin, The last winter of the Cid

Editions Gallimard, 208 pages, 17.5 €.
Format : 140 x 200 mm

Summary: Sixty years ago, on November 25, 1959, Gérard Philipe passed away. He was thirty-six years old. Just before his death, unaware of the seriousness of his illness, he was still annotating Greek tragedies, dreaming of playing Hamlet and preparing to become, in the cinema, the Edmond Dantes of the Count of Monte Cristo. He thought he had his whole life ahead of him. From the last summer in Ramatuelle to the last winter in Paris, week after week, day after day, the most accomplished actor of his generation was preparing, in truth, for his greatest role, that of an eternal young man (

Jérôme Garcin was born in October 1956. After a khâgne at the Lycée Henri IV and studies of Philosophy at the Sorbonne, he enters the Nouvelles littéraires. He has been head of the cultural department of the Nouvel Observateur since 1996, produces and hosts the program Le Masque et la Plume on France Inter, and is a member of the reading committee of the Comédie-Française. Jérôme Garcin is the author of essays, stories, novels and books of interviews.

The jury of the Prix des Deux Magots in front of the café with the winner, Jerome Garcin.