The pleasure of a cocktail

Celebrate the Art de Vivre of Paris with the new cocktail menu at Les Deux Magots

The desire to sip a cocktail in Saint-Germain-des-Prés on an autumn evening appeals to many inhabitants of the City of Light. Good news, at Les Deux Magots we’ve got a new selection of cocktails for you. From delicate Saint Germain Spritz to signature cocktails, each drink is prepared with passion and meticulous care by our boys.

Le Jazzy, a creation “made in” Les Deux Magots

In homage to our “Jeudis du Jazz” concerts, the Jazzy cocktail has become the house signature drink. It brilliantly blends Chambord, a delicate blackberry and raspberry liqueur, with the sparkling freshness of Veuve Clicquot champagne. To top it all off, fresh raspberries are added for a touch of deliciousness and color. This cocktail embodies the elegance and festive atmosphere of the Left Bank.

The pleasure of a cocktail

Art Deco, a specialty made with St-Germain liqueur

Art Deco, a sophisticated cocktail that perfectly blends elegance and freshness. It’s made with Grey Goose vodka, St-Germain liqueur for the floral note, apple juice for a fruity touch, a few mint leaves for freshness and a pinch of lime for a kick. A cocktail that takes its inspiration from the mojito and revisits it in an original way, immersing you in the artistic ambience of the Arts-deco era and the Roaring Twenties.

Simone’s Secret, an elegant mocktail

Many artists and writers have always liked to meet at Les Deux Magots to discuss and remake the world, usually with a drink in hand! Named after Simone de Beauvoir, who loved to sit and write at our café, Le Secret de Simone is a non-alcoholic cocktail that offers a lovely festival of flavors: the spicy sparkle of ginger beer, the sweetness of strawberry syrup, the tangy freshness of a hint of lime, and the gourmet touch of fresh raspberries to top it all off.

The legendary Saint-Germain Spritz

St-Germain liqueur, with its original notes of elderflower, is the base for this emblematic cocktail. This original floral flavor is enhanced by nuances of grapefruit, pear and citrus. By replacing aperol, it offers an original twist on the traditional spritz, creating a unique, delicate cocktail. Light and refreshing, it reflects the elegance of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Espresso Martini caffeinated cocktail

The Espresso Martini is the trendy cocktail that combines coffee and vodka. An unexpected but successful combination, for an explosive gourmet experience. Served in a martini glass and topped with cocoa powder, it is both refined and energizing. Whether it’s the perfect way to end a meal or to stay awake at a party, Espresso Martini adds a touch of style to every sip!

With the days getting shorter and the first frosts setting in… how about a cocktail at Les Deux Magots to give autumn some color? To be consumed in moderation, of course!