The autumn card

Autumn has a special charm, with its soft light, warm color palette and, of course, seasonal produce!

Here’s a quick look at what’s new on the autumn menu at Les Deux Magots, with its emphasis on these flavors.

For starters, the undergrowth takes center stage with Poêlée de girolles, pleurotes et champignons de saison, jus de veau, Jambon San Daniele. The terroir will be refined with a Pâté en croûte with autumnal flavors and a mesclun of young shoots. For comfort food cravings, we suggest whole onion confit au gratin with cream cheese, drizzled with beef jus and garlic croutons. More refined, but just as pleasant, are the Mimosa Leeks with tangy cream. Finally, for those with a craving for freshness, the Salmon, avocado and beet tartar with fresh herb juice is just the thing.

Our new autumn salad will feature lobster, broad beans, sucrine, grape tomatoes, chestnut slivers and lime vinaigrette.

The autumn card

Meat and fish in season

Meat lovers will be delighted: fine cuts of meat are always on the menu at Les Deux Magots. First, duck breast with red fruits, served with a very autumnal pumpkin purée and chestnut slivers. Our veal chop reveals all its tenderness thanks to low-temperature cooking, combined with pommes grenailles and mushrooms. Filet de boeuf à la plancha is served topped with a morel mushroom sauce, with a gratin Dauphinois that adds the melting, comforting taste we love this time of year. Last but not least, there’s a big surprise to be discovered on the evening menu only: the beautiful Salers beef rib for two, with pommes grenailles and pan-fried mushrooms.

As for iodized flavors ,fish are also dressed for the season. Discover Bømlo’s salmon pavé, which goes perfectly with spinach and a hollandaise sauce with fresh herbs. Another option is roasted filet of Saint-Pierre, coaxed by a creamy leek, olive oil and lemon fondue. The fine, delicate pan-seared turbot breast will be served in the evening, with glazed heirloom vegetables and a truffle-scented mousseline sauce. Autumn is well and truly on our plates!

For sweet cravings at the end of a meal

Finally, on the dessert menu, we’re delighted to introduce a new signature pastry called L’Enigme d’Auguste. Its composition would be almost indecent with greed, judge rather: Brownie cookie topped with a dark chocolate shell, fleur de sel caramel, dark chocolate mousse, rosette of vanilla ganache, on which all you have to do is pour our old-fashioned hot chocolate!

And always our must-have items

Our menu wouldn’t be the same without the must-haves you’ll find all year round. We’re thinking of our Charolais Beef Tartare au couteau “Façon Deux Magots” on a crumble of herbs, our Charolais Beef Burger with grilled bacon, Comté cream and confit tomatoes, the Petrossian Tasting Platter… or our Duck Foie Gras and Giant Wild Burgundy Snails.

See you soon at Les Deux Magots to discover or rediscover our autumn menu, again in the enchanting setting of Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

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