Interior, café dining room, morning. Silent scene. The doors open, the first regular sits down at Table One, which he pushes back into place, like the day before. After a simple exchanged glance, the waiter brings him toast and café au lait. The regular sips from his cup. He will stay here all morning. The camera moves away from him in a slow sequence shot revealing the flawless décor of Les Deux Magots. Anna Karina is on the terrace. Jean-Luc Godard makes her his muse.


Claudia Cardinale reads a newspaper. Charlotte Rampling is also a frequent customer. The Chabrol gang enjoys sitting on the square side, between laps and chairs, laughing loud and long. Jean-Paul Belmondo has lunch with his dog at his feet.


L'exposition des Deux Magots pour fêter ses 140 ans
L'exposition des Deux Magots pour fêter ses 140 ans


Across every era, the tables at Les Deux Magots have seen great actors and filmmakers come and go. These silver-screen luminaries in search of discretion come to this establishment to be served in just the same way as the regular at Table One. Marlene Dietrich, Tom Hanks, Monica Bellucci, Liam Neeson, Jean Dujardin, Johnny Depp, Sigourney Weaver, Diane Kruger–a full list would be an exercise in excess.


The one of films featuring the café, while not as lengthy, is still impressive. Here again, genres mingle, from the first Moulin Rouge to the innovative The Mother and the Whore, not to mention The Intouchables and the American series The Good Place.


The Art Deco main room, the terrace, and the timeless atmosphere of the Parisian café form a bottomless well of inspiration for filmmakers. J.J. Abrams developed part of the script for Star Wars : Episode 7 – The Force Awakens under the watchful eye of the two magots.


André Chemetoff, director of photography for Asterix & Obelix : The Middle Kingdom and darling of Parisian avantgarde filmmakers, holds his work meetings on the terrace. It’s clearly too soon to call it a wrap.


Photos credits : © Bettmann / Contributeur ; © Michel Giniès ; © Bernard Lipnitzki / Roger-Viollet


L'exposition des Deux Magots pour fêter ses 140 ans

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